Guide to Selling

Our experienced agents are trained to understand every step of the selling process in great detail, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at any time.

So, what is the typical selling process with Knights?

If you are thinking of selling your home, an up to date and accurate market appraisal is essential in order to evaluate the price of your property and enable you to consider your options and possible prices of homes you could purchase.

When choosing which agents to invite to your home, it’s important to consider the following;

  • What is their local reputation like?
  • Are they ‘no sale, no fee’?
  • Do they have many boards around your area?
  • Do they have a website you can easily use on your mobile?
  • Do they advertise on social media?
  • Does their website show off homes nicely? Can you easily book a viewing?
  • What do the photos of the homes look like?
  • What advertising do they do on portals?
  • Do they accompany viewings, or will you be showing everyone around?
  • What does their office look like and is it on the local high street?
  • Are they independent or a corporate company? Will you be just another ‘number’?
  • Do they support the local community?

All of these questions will help you determine which agents have the best reputation and success when selling homes in your area. The community question might surprise you, but an agency that cares about your community and actually contributes to it, is an agency you can trust!

We look to give an honest, detailed and justifiable valuation based on our extensive knowledge of the regional property market.

When you do decide to sell with Knights, you can relax in the knowledge that we will:

  • Get you quality viewings.
  • Help you to sell your property in a reasonable time frame.
  • Make sure we get you the very best price we can for your property.
  • Keep you constantly up to date with what is happening.
Guide to Selling
How Much is Your Property Worth?

How much is your property worth?

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