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Welcome to our repair reporting system. To speed up the process, please add photographs of the reported issue where possible.

Failure to do so may mean we need to contact you for pictures before we can proceed. We are committed to fixing your problems swiftly.


Definition of an Emergency that may require immediate attention. Where lives or health are at risk or there is a serious risk to the property. Permanent repairs may be carried out at a later date – the priority is to ensure safety.

Please read the below advice.


Please note that you must not authorise repairs to the property or incur any unauthorised expenses without the express permission of the agent unless an emergency handled by you in accordance with the tenancy agreement. The cost of any work authorised by you or someone acting on your behalf conducted without our agreement or in accordance with the tenancy agreement may not be reimbursed.

The following problems are examples of the type of situation that would be considered as emergencies:

  • total loss of electric power;
  • unsafe, broken or missing electrical fitting (not simply defective) comprising a dangerous fault that is immediately life-threatening;
  • total loss of gas supply;
  • gas leak on the property side of the meter;
  • blocked, damaged or defective flue to an open fire or gas appliance;
  • total loss of space heating or water heating (between 1 November and 31 March only) for those with special needs such as disabled, young baby etc;
  • blocked toilet pan if only one in-house, soil stack or blocked foul drain;
  • leak from a water supply pipe, heating pipe, tank or cistern;
  • boarding up a broken window or door;
  • loss of heating or hot water in a house for the elderly.

Examples of who to call and guidance if cannot wait and own temporary solution not possible:

  1. 999 for Police, ambulance or fire service.
  2. Numbers and guidance provided where applicable.
  3. Utility companies emergency/helpline numbers.
  4. Customer Care Emergency Helpline policy number for new/insured properties.
  5. 24 Hour tradesmen from 118500 or local contractors.
  6. Knights Property Services Office – not manned 24 hours

By reporting repairs through our online system:

  • We get the information we need to fix your problems quickly and efficiently
  • You get a time and date stamped record of your repair request

Please note our repair reporting system is available on Smartphone, tablet and computer without download.

General cold weather advice
Please be aware that during periods of cold weather, the following precautions should be put into action if the above property is likely to be left vacant for any period of time.


Freezing temperatures can cause devastation to properties if pipes freeze and burst. Please be reminded to leave the heating on low, even if the property is unoccupied to look to prevent this from happening.

Water Systems

If it’s likely that your property will be empty for a significant period of time, turning off the water is not always sufficient as there is normally still a lot of water in the system which could cause damage. Please advise Knights if the property will be empty for any period longer than 14 days and check your insurance policy as Knights will also need to advise the Landlords of the situation so they can check their insurance policy as a plumber may be needed to drain down the system (water and central heating) to help eliminate this risk.

Insurance Obligations

Again, if a property is likely to be empty for a prolonged period, make sure that the Insurer’s obligations are not compromised and advise Knights Property Services as “Empty Property Visits” may be required on a regular basis to provide independent photographic proof that the property has been monitored.
Some or all of the actions below may be required:-

·       Water to be turned off at the internal stopcock (in an attempt to prevent any further problems in case of an emergency, please be aware of the location of your stopcock and check that it is in working order)

·       All taps should be opened up to drain down the main water storage tank, this will not affect the central heating

·       Set the heating onto a constant low (150C) 24-hour setting & open loft hatch 3-4 inches to allow heat into the loft space

·       For full protection the property should be drained down completely, we can arrange this on your behalf (please call the office for further details)

We recommend that you advise your insurers that the property will be vacant and check their terms and conditions. Knights cannot accept any responsibility or liability should any problems arise from frozen pipes or advice given.

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