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How Landlords In Camberley Can Make Their Lives Easier

How Landlords In Camberley Can Make Their Lives Easier

In this two-minute read, we look at seven fundamental steps landlords locally need to take to put themselves and their rental properties on the path to success.

Being a landlord can be challenging, complicated and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By following these quick tips below, you’ll make your life easier and your properties more profitable.

1)            Get three (free) valuations. So, you have a property to rent? We suggest calling in three different letting agencies to compare prices, people and approach. Be careful not to be sucked in by cheap fees as it’s often reflected in the service you get.

2)            Picking a letting agent. Look for professionalism, integrity, value for money and a proven track record of serving local landlords.

3)            Marketing magic. How, where and when your property is marketed adds significantly to its chances of success.  At Knights Property Services  we use several different platforms, tactics and techniques to attract the largest possible audience for your property.

4)            The 3 Ps. If you want to attract quality tenants at the best price, your property must be clean, well maintained and nicely presented. Remember the 3Ps as they are worth repeating – presentation, presentation, presentation.

5)            Dealing with offers. Once quality tenants have been found  and the rental price agreed, we will carry out all the necessary work. This includes gathering references, creating tenancy agreements, collecting the initial deposit and rent and arranging for a thorough check-in and inventory to take place.

6)            Moving in and on. Once all the above has been carried out and is in order, you/we can release the keys to your new tenant. By establishing excellent communication during the moving in process we lay the foundations for good future relations.

7)            Hassle-free property management. We offer different tiers of service, from let only where we will find you a quality tenant and carry out all the preparatory work, right through to full property management.

When you decide to have your property fully managed, it means we take responsibility for most things that need doing and sorting out.

This includes collecting rents, arranging safety checks, property inspections and making sure maintenance and repairs are carried out by skilled local professionals. We’ll keep you the right side of the mountain of rental regulations and laws affecting rented property.

Thanks for reading and if you are a landlord looking to have their life made easier and rental property more profitable, please get in touch with us today.

Whether you are selling, buying, letting or renting, we’re here to help. Call Jon and our team on 01276 539111 or email:  for expert advice which is honest, accurate and informative.

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