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Are We The Softest Estate Agents?

Are We The Softest Estate Agents?

We live in a constantly changing digital world.

Our phones and computers can do amazing things, and many apps have made life a lot easier.

Just look at banking – it used to be a real chore to get something paid in or out, now it’s a matter of a couple of clicks.

It seems that each new week brings a technological advance that promises to change our lives. The next big thing as it were.

But according to a report I read recently technology is making certain skills harder to find.

Technology is eroding a lot of people’s ability to connect with others when it comes to the real world – face to face, person to person.

So called soft skills like good communication, problem solving, showing empathy and being self-motivated are becoming rarer.

There was a great line in the report: “The soft skills are now much harder to find.”

Not at Knights Property Services. We pride ourselves on these softer attributes which all help when working with clients to buy, sell, let or rent property.

That doesn’t mean we don’t embrace technology, we do and use it to great effect– it’s just that we know that when it comes to something as important as your property you need more than a fancy app on your side.

You need experienced experts with a soft, human touch, just like us.

We listen more than we talk.

We genuinely care more about making a positive impact on someone’s life rather than simply winning an instruction.

We are patient, honest and understanding. It’s these ‘soft skills’ that we’ve been displaying for many years.

But we’re not soft touches when it comes to negotiating on our clients’ behalf.

It’s your property, and our reputation at stake, and we never forget that in our efforts to get you the best results possible.

So, here’s to the soft people in the world, long may you stay that way in the face of the march of the robots and technology.

Thanks for reading.

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