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3 ways to add value to your home

3 ways to add value to your home

It doesn’t matter if you have future plans for selling, or your family or lifestyle demands more space, but we always see our homes as a work in progress.  Whether it’s changing the décor, knocking down walls, or even extending, how can you be sure the work you do will really add value to your property?

Sadly, there is no crystal ball, and the property market can dictate many things, but we believe the following improvements, if done well, should add value to your home.

Invest in your garden

 Your outdoor space is not just an additional luxury, but also a huge selling point for your property.  This isn’t just about keeping on top of your garden maintenance, but rather about having a clear and defined design that has key zones in your garden for eating, and relaxing, as well as beautiful planting.

Jan Hytch, President of the National Association of Estate Agents, said to Moneywise, “If a garden is well kept and designed, it’s a real plus. It makes the property stand out and people would probably pay more for a really well designed garden. It might add from 5 to 10% to the price of a house.”

Increasing space

The most popular space increasing renovations are extensions and loft conversions.  In some cases, a loft conversion can increase the value of your property by around 20%, but remember this is not a DIY job and must be undertaken with the appropriate planning permissions.

We sometimes see properties where the owners have converted their loft without such permissions, and sadly the additional room is therefore not seen as legal. This certainly won’t attract potential buyers, who may be put off by the large potential cost of getting the conversion up to standard, and may wonder what other ‘defects’ could be hiding elsewhere.

Whether you have an extension or a conversion, keep all building certificates and documents to hand, as you will need to pass these to your estate agent when selling to prove the legality of the works.

Plan for their future

You may have thought about extending your property but have no currently plans to actually do the work; however, if you obtain the relevant planning permission then, should you sell before the works are carried out, this could still add value to your home.

Planning is seen as a stressful process, and knowing that works have already been approved will allow any potential buyers to see that they also have the potential to increase the value of the property once the works have been completed.

A second opinion

If you would like to know whether any works you undertake are likely to add value to your property, then why not get our impartial and honest opinion before you start?  For more ideas on how you could add value to your property, contact a member of our Knights team on 01276 539111 or click on the links below.

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