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How to stop your pets from breaking your home sale

How to stop your pets from breaking your home sale

How to stop your pets from breaking your home sale

What?  How can your precious family members hinder a sale, never mind break it?  Pets are a part of the family, and as such we can sometimes see them through blinkered eyes.  It’s okay, we all do it.  But when you’re selling your home you have to take those blinkers off as, sadly, although it may be painful to hear, they can put buyers off.

Notice me!

There is nothing more welcoming than your dog excitedly welcoming you home after a busy day.  They may be a jumper, a circle runner, or an attention seeker – but remember, homebuyers have come to see your home, and your beloved pets could be a distraction.

Some buyers may have a fear of dogs, and this could put them off your property before they have even walked through the door.  Get organised, and arrange for your dog to be taken for a walk whilst the viewing is taking place.

Smell me!

As much as we try, and as much as we hate to admit it, having any kind of pet can add certain aromas to your home.  Things like beds and bedding, litter trays, and even food, can generate a smell that is unlikely to make your buyers feel at home.

Prior to selling your home, it is worth investing in having your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned to try and eliminate as much of the ingrained odour as possible.  As well as a quick clean before a viewing, we would recommend that you hide as many of your pets’ belongings as possible.

Does it really matter?  We have had buyers refuse to enter a property because of the smell of pets that greeted them as we opened the door.  Do you really want to turn off buyers because of a smell?

Play with me! 

Balls, rubber bones, teddies, and even wardrobes – let’s face it, our pets are pampered and we spoil them rotten.  These items are important to you and your pets, but they may not be to a potential buyer.  Just like with their bedding, pop them away out of sight somewhere whilst the viewing is taking place.  It only takes two minutes, but it could really make a difference.

Love me!

Buyers want to see themselves living in your home, and one of the ways you can hinder this is by not de-personalising the space.  What do we mean by this? We all have photos and mementoes that mean a lot to us, they may even dominate our living rooms, but a large family portrait, or photo of your pet over your fireplace will instantly draw buyers’ attention away from the rest of the room. You want their eyes completely on your home, and to make sure this is the case, it is important to keep the number of personal and pet photos and mementoes to a minimum.

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