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7 Ways to ensure your home has kerb appeal

7 Ways to ensure your home has kerb appeal

The moment you step out of your car and walk towards a property you are already forming impressions about it.  If you’re selling a property with Knights Property Services, we want to ensure that you wow your potential buyer so that as soon as they approach your property they are excited and can’t wait to get inside and see more.

Front door – What does your front door say about your property? Is it a welcoming focal point or will it make buyers want to run a mile? It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do, choose a shade of paint that will make a positive statement. Popular red tones offer a warm welcome; cool and inky blues create a sense of calm; and bright sunshine yellows are refreshing and youthful. Be sure to pick a colour that reflects your home’s style.


Front gardens- It is often the first thing your buyers will see so never underestimated its importance. Ensure the front of your home makes a lasting impression with your buyers, we have a few quick tips to help you boost your property’s kerb appeal without bringing in the landscape gardeners. Simply keeping it neat and tidy, introducing some blooming flowers for colour, re-painting the fences and trimming the bushes goes a long way. You don’t need to have budding green fingers to make a difference here.


The approach to the door- Walking up to the front door, it is natural for potential buyer’s eyes to wander.  With the number of bins and recycling containers it can even make the most of appealing of homes look untidy.  See if you can find a simple solution to mask your bins such as a willow screen.  Also remember to power wash the paving, and sweep away leaves and rubbish.


Windows – Windows are huge features on your property’s exterior, buyers love to see sparkling glass reflecting the sun’s rays, so keep them clean.  Wash the window frames to remove grime and if appropriate add a fresh coat of paint.


Number- Do you have the number of your property clearly placed on your home?  You will be surprised how many don’t and can you imagine the frustration if may cause for a buyer attending a viewing when they can’t find you?  You want your buyers entering your home feeling happy not a bit flustered.


Add some greenery- There is no excuse not to spruce up your outdoor space regardless of the size.  By just adding some greenery such as symmetrical plant pots, shrubs or olive trees on either side of the front door can completely transform the look for your home.


Your neighbours – It is easy to feel that you have no control over neighbouring homes which might be letting your property down and distracting buyers. Why not offer your services to tidy up the front of their home, it may take a few hours of your time, but it could be the difference needed to persuade a potential buyer to make an offer.

So do you think your property has kerb appeal or can you up your game? Discuss your options with the expert team at Knights Property Services today.

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