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The importance of staging your garden all year round

The importance of staging your garden all year round

To nurture a plant so it can grow to be big and healthy, survive harsh seasons and continue to bloom year after year, requires certain conditions. It will need to be in a place with enough sunlight – not too little, and not too much. It will need to be watered attentively, but not overwatered, nor starved of water and left to shrivel to dust. To bloom and grow into a perfect specimen the plant will need food, and will need sheltering from wind and frost.

Miss any of these key steps, and you might be left wondering what went wrong.

It’s the same when selling a house. Miss a trick and you could lose out on a sale.  When selling, some home owners place too much emphasis on getting the inside of the house looking perfect, and neglect what surrounds the property – the garden.

If you have a front garden, it could be the first impression a potential buyer gets of your home, and your back garden could be the last feature they see, and the thing they remember most.  So giving the outside of your home as much attention as the inside could make all the difference when looking to attract a buyer.

Our gardens, whether we spend a lot of time working on them or not, tend to be at their best in spring and summer, when sunnier weather helps your prize plants to flourish and tree foliage to thicken.  Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your garden in autumn and winter, though; do not take the view that, just because your garden is inevitably not at its natural best, it’s acceptable to let it fall to wreck and ruin.

Potential property buyers are looking all year round, so gain an advantage over the competition by staging your garden, even when Mother Nature seems to be against you.  Staging your garden for potential buyers doesn’t have to mean backbreaking work, either; there are several simple steps you can take to nip winter garden nightmares in the bud.

First, do the simple things. Rid your garden of weeds – you might be amazed at what a difference this makes. Trim overgrown hedges and bushes and ‘dead head’ any plants that have regressed post-summer.  Give your patio or decking a clean to make your garden more welcoming and show that you care about your home and garden.

Simply buying a few inexpensive flower pots and putting them in conspicuous areas, such as by your garden path or the front of your house, will surely impress anyone coming to view your home.  Often, prospective buyers walk or drive around an area in which they want to live with no firm idea of what particular street they want to live on, so there is a great opportunity here to grab their attention.

Some people looking to buy a new home will fall in love with a property just from seeing its façade. There might be something about the way the home and garden look that evokes an image of their dream home. Research has shown that landscaping a property generate an average return on investment of 7%, so not only could it confirm a sale, but you could actually sell your property at a higher price.

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